As each and every day passes, more and more people are becoming more autonomous and free from having to be tied down to an are just to work. The digital age is among us and there are more and more opportunities presenting themselves every day to work a digital nomad lifestyle.

The life of a digital nomad is simple. You’re not tied down to living any place place in particular and your work revolves around using the internet to earn a living. There are many ways people earn livings online but some of the more popular ones include, blogging, modeling, website design, marketing and publishing.

The benefit of living the life of a digital nomad is the freedom to travel and pick anywhere around the world for you to call home. You can earn a good US equivalent salary, while having 3rd world country expenses.

This is a jackpot as the highest cost of living is rent and food. Imagine living on the beach and having monthly expenses not much more than the cost of a smart phone bill, seriously.

This is a reality for more and more people and this website helps to shed some light on what is possible as well as showcase the work and careers of digital nomads in todays society.

You will hear about folks that set up shop in areas around the world such as Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Italy, The French Riviera and more.

Some examples of successful digital nomad sites include, ecommerce, dating, and online training sites. For example this Brooklyn Escorts site has female personals that are posted from all over the world. The idea of a digital nomad site is one that can be operated remotely and offer a service that makes it easy to monetize. Many have found success as a digital nomad offering advertising with a continuity pay structure like personals membership and training portals.